Cha--Cha--Cha--Changes....and a Vacay

Although it is Spring Break, I couldn't resist admiring this snowy view of the Black Hills.
 Whew!  After a whopping nine hours in the car Dan, Jana and I are finally back from our mini vacation to northern Wyoming and Deadwood.    What would have been a 4 1/2 hour trip was doubled thanks to, you guessed it, that lovely Wyoming SNOW!  Lucky for us, (not to toot my own horn) I am an amazing map reader and found a quaint little back road to plow through.  If not, I would probably still be stuck on a road in Torrington.

The Vacay

Devil's Tower

Dan and I have some very good friends who recently moved up north to Aladdin, WY.  Just to give you a taste of the beauty of their home, this wonderful landmark is basically in their back yard.  How cool is that?  We had a wonderful time exploring this area and enjoying the really nice Spring-like day we were given.  So much, in fact, that we even had to stop and play with baby chicks and ducks at the local ranch shop.  Needless to say, Jana was one tired pup after our trip was through.

The ducks sure loved biting my nail.

After saying goodbye to our friends we made our way over to Deadwood.  Thanks to my savvy tendencies and my addiction to Groupon, I got the two of us a nights stays at a resort/casino for....dah-da-da-daaaaa.....$35!!  After dropping Jana off at her own five star resort (The Deadwood Doghouse), Dan and I hit the town.  Armed with $30 each we were ready to win the big bucks....or lose it all in the first ten minutes.   
Luckily, we broke even!  While it was tempting to go back and put it all into the machines, I figured the casino had enough of our hard earned cash.  Instead we spend the money on a nice dinner and....a movie, the perfect way for any young couple to enjoy a night in a gambling town.

Just a side note!  We came across the original car used in the Herby movies!
And Bumblebee from Transformers!

The Changes!

As promised in my earlier blog, I have BIG news!  No, I am not pregnant.  But that seems to be the first conclusion everyone comes to when I tell them I have big news.  However, big and exciting changes are underway in our household and I am finally able to say it to the world:  We are moving and I have a job!!!!!

That's right.  Pretty soon we will be packing up our things in Laramie and making the grueling 45 mile trip to our new home in Cheyenne, WY. 

Now this might not seem like a huge deal, but for someone who technically has not even graduated yet, having a good job lined up is a major accomplishment.  Starting next month I will be taking on the position of Retail and Marketing Coordinator for the Wyoming Lottery Corporation.  This is HUGE because, as many of you may already know, Wyoming has never had a lottery before.  You can think of me as a modern day trailblazer, a part of something historic!

Equally exciting news: Dan will be testing for his electrical apprenticeship this Friday!  This is a big deal for him as he has been wanting to start this for quite some time now.  Any good thoughts, prayers and well wishes on your part would be much appreciated.

Finally!!!  We can't move without having a place to live so......tah dah!!!!!!

Today we placed our earnest cash on this dream home of ours.  As long as everything goes well we will be closing next month!  Don't worry, I will be keeping you updated on our newest journey as well as bringing about some great new DIY blogs.  Now that I have this beautiful new house, I am going to have a lot of decorating to do.


  1. And you didn't get locked in a porta potty...not a bad trip if you ask me! Nice post!!

    1. Thank you. And yes, I made sure only to use normal bathrooms.


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