I want to go on an adventure!

Now, I must say, I have the itch.  The itch to go on an adventure.

Okay, so as you probably know by now I am a girl with many interests.  You certainly understand my passion for healthy cooking and DIY projects, but I am quite versatile and enjoy many, many things in life.

Another huge passion of mine is the outdoors.  I have always lived under the impression that if I were to win the lottery I would 1. Start my own event planning business  2. Donate enough money to fully sustain my church  3. Start a charity for families that need help paying their bills  4. And finally...travel around the world!

Living in Wyoming my entire life has given me many opportunities to explore the great outdoors.  Any chance I can get to go on an adventure I am down for.  Unfortunately, being a broke college student has somewhat limited my adventurous travels.  Nevertheless, I will always, always, always open the door when opportunity knocks.

Wonderful view of Mirror Lake off Medicine Bow Peak

Yes, I was so quick all Dan could capture was a picture of my behind.

Last night the hubby, one of my best friends Anna and I had an amazing experience when we went out to a presentation by Alison Teal.  For those of you that do not know of Ms. Teal I suggest you Google her right now, because she is quite amazing.  Or check out her website: http://alisonsadventures.com.

I first discovered Alison when watching one of my new favorite shows Naked and Afraid.  As the top scoring female contestant on a show involving extreme survival while completely nude, I have to say that this chick seriously rocks!

Living in Laramie, we were lucky enough to have a student group on campus bring Alison to speak about her new adventure films and to talk about her lifetime experiences traveling around the world.  As the daughter of two National Geographic photographers, Alison shared with us her many experiences growing up as well as some of her recent films.

Seriously, this girl has experienced EVERYTHING.  Whether she was riding camels through the desert, horses in New Zealand or elephants in Africa, her adventures have taken her all over the world.  Talk about the best job ever.  I am now completely and eternally jealous.

And to top off an amazing night, after the show Alison gave out some pretty neat prizes.  Surprisingly I, or rather Dan (who was too embarrassed to speak up), was the lucky winner of a glorious pair of........TOE SOCKS!
My lovely foot and my prize--sorry for the blurry shot!

Needless to say, I am now more than a little antsy to get out and go on my own adventure.  No, I don't need to go on an African Safari or surfing in the South Pacific (but I do want to).  I have come to find that adventures come in all shapes and sizes and really, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, adventure is all about your own perception.

And stay tuned to my blog, because a BIG adventure is about to start for my family.  And no, it is probably not what you are thinking of ;-)  I will be releasing the big news soon!


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