Inspiration in Aisle 12

Have I ever mentioned how much I love to shop at Hobby Lobby??  No?  Well let me just say it now...I LOVE to shop Hobby Lobby!!!

And it looks like I am not the only one.  Spend just one day on Pinterest and you can discover a plethora of memes that seem to correctly capture my affinity for this wonderful chain.

Unfortunately for me (fortunately for my checkbook) I live in a small town without a Hobby Lobby.  However, today I was fortunate enough to make my way over the hill to Cheyenne and of course I had to stop at my favorite store.

Now, here's the thing about Hobby Lobby.  They have sales.  And not just your random "mark stuff down 'cause it needs to go" sales.  They have sales ever day, every week, and they are fabulous.  Even when I have no intention of buying or making anything, if I can get a good deal and make something pretty out of it, it goes in my shopping basket.

Today was no exception and while I strolled through the aisles of Hobby Lobby...inspiration struck!

One of mine and Dan's hobbies has always been shooting our bows.  So when I stumbled upon this metal arrow wall decor and saw that wonderfully reassuring 50% OFF sign I was ecstatic!  Of course, I couldn't stop there.  This was a craft project just waiting to be imagined, created and blogged about.

To personalize my wall decor I grabbed a beautiful "R" monogram to represent our family.  This also happened to be in the same aisle containing all of the burlap scrap booking decorations......that were also 50% OFF.

By this point in the blog I am starting to rethink my sanity.  I get entirely too excited off deals.  Like, it's a natural high.  Hmmmm.....

Anyway, at this point in my shopping adventure I had convinced myself I had satisfied my craft and savings craving.  With my sights set on the checkout counter I power walked my way to the front of the store, determined not to be caught off guard again.

And I would have succeeded too...had it not been for the beautiful display of rustic wreaths that were only $3 a piece.  I couldn't help it, I had to get one...last....thing.  After swooping up some decorative branches from the wreath pile I booked it to the checkout, paid my $10 and ran to my car, excited to let my creative juices flow.  And even more excited to escape the whirling vortex that is Hobby Lobby.

As soon as I got home and the hot glue gun was ready to go, I was ready to go!

Using a couple of cable ties I successfully fastened the arrows to the branches.

 Finally, I hot glued the R monogram to the arrows and stepped back to admire the finished project.  Within 10 minutes I had taken just a few simple "ingredients" and turned them into my own personal masterpiece (no Pinterest required)

Needless to say, it looks amazing on my kitchen wall.

Want to know more about how to make one for yourself?  Feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you!

**This post was written purely in regards to my enjoyment for the retail aspects of the Hobby Lobby Corporation as a consumer.  I am not speaking from a political perspective so please do not leave any negatively charged political comments.  Thank you.


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