Spring hasn't yet sprung, but that's not stopping me.

In the words Mr. Jim Carey, today is B-E-A-utiful!  (Don't lie, you know you read that in his voice)  

As many of you may know, we out here in Wonderful Wyoming had quite the fantastic Mother's Day with everyone's favorite mother....Nature.  Yep, while all my family and friends in far off states were enjoying the day sipping mimosas on the patio in the warm sunlight with their mommies dearest, we were safely tucked away under a 10.5 inch blanket of fluffy white snow.  Spring has come at Wyoming with a vengeance and it is setting us all on edge.

So why is today beautiful you ask??  Well, in addition to the abundant rays of sunshine that have finally made their way through the clouds, I have hit a rather huge mile stone today.  As of 11 o'clock this morning, I successfully defended my Master's thesis.  I have joined the world of higher education and have checked off another box on my bucket list of life.  Yes ladies and gents, today is a GOOD day!

And to celebrate, why not do one of my favorite things and, you guessed it, make something!  Now, I cannot stress this enough....I am very ready for Spring to finally grace our state with it's presence.  This desire, combined with my overtly positive mood (and a graduation gift card to Hobby Lobby--thanks mom!) I decided I would make a rustic springtime door wreath.  Not only as a beautiful accessory for my new home, but also to welcome in the gloriously warm seasons that await us.  This craft was quick, easy, fun and, of course, cheap!  At only $15, my doorway now has a new and welcoming look for all those that enter my home.

Rustic Address Door Wreath

What you'll need:

  • Fake flowers of your choosing.  I used six sunflowers and one burlap flower for the center.
  • Wooden numbers for your address (feel free to do a monogram as well!)
  • Paint for the numbers
  • Sponge or bristled paint brush
  • Wooden wreath
  • Hot glue gun

1. Before doing anything else, lay out your flowers and numbers on top of your wreath to ensure you like how everything is positioned.

2. While waiting for the hot glue to heat up, place a piece of paper on the table and paint your numbers in the color you chose.

3.  Once you are sure of your layout, use the hot glue to adhere the flowers and (dry) numbers to the wreath.  This can be kind of tricky.  Make sure to try your best to glue the numbers to thicker wreath branches.

4. Admire your finished product as it hangs on your door.  Yes!  It is really that simple.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments.
Or if you have an idea for craft, recipe, etc. you would like me to try, pass it along.  I am willing to do (almost) anything for you guys ;-)

 xoxo Kayla


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