Flannel, Leaves and Chamomile Tea

This beautiful, chilly Saturday morning has been jam packed with activity in our household and it has gotten me thinking about Fall and what that really means, especially for us moms.

I love fall, but it has one major caveat that really gets under my skin.  In Wyoming, it is just way too short.

Believe it or not, growing up, I was a Winter gal (gasp)!  I grew up in the country at the base of a beautiful mountain and, for me, there was nothing better than waking up to the prospect of a snow day.  If we couldn't drive or hike the two miles out to the main road, we were staying in.  Which meant snowball fights with my brothers, building ice caves and ice skating on the pond.  What could be better?

However, over time my priorities have shifted and Fall has weaseled its way into my heart and become my favorite season.  Do I love the colorful leaves, snuggly flannel and smell of pumpkin spice filling the air?  You betcha!  But, in all honesty, what I love most about Fall is that it is the time of year I feel closest to Christ.  My life slows down, I see beauty all around me and I talk to him more.  And now, Fall seems to be making me a better mom--a realization I made just today.

After attending what will be our last outdoor farmer's market of the year (another realization I made today), Baby E, my wonderful friend Katie and her sweet little Baby L and I decided to go on back to my house to take some Fall pictures in the back yard.  E's first birthday is right around the corner and we are having a Lumberjack Bash.  Because we have such amazing flannel in our's and our babies' wardrobes they also made an appearance in the photos.

Armed with warm tea, my flannel sweater and a yard full of already fallen leaves, we set out to snap some photos.  Because in Wyoming, we really only have a couple of opportunities to capture Fall's beauty.  In fact, my trees may be bare tomorrow.

As I was flipping through my hundreds of photos a thought hit me harder than a ton of bricks.  I will never get these moments back.  Much like Fall, my son will only be this age for a short while and, before I can snap the next picture, he will be gone.  Forever a memory.

We get such a short time on this Earth.  What is 60, 70, 80 years in comparison to eternity really?  Every year I have the same complaint.  And each year as I am complaining about how short lived the Fall is, I never even consider what amazing God given blessings we are have in each season.

Yes, with winter comes the cold and the wind and the darkness.  But Winter also brings about warmth, for when it is cold outside we tend to spend more time inside warming up to our loved ones.

Spring brings new life and a sense of a fresh start.

Summer makes us social, giving us the opportunity to create communities again.

But Fall is special.  In my opinion it starts the cycle over again.  What is old will die until something new is reborn.  So we must be extra cognizant of this and appreciate the short time we have before the next season of change begins.

"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born, says the Lord" -- Isaiah 66:9.

I am going to hug my son a little tighter tonight and hold him a little longer.  I cannot stop the clock, nor would I want to.  I simply want to enjoy him in the present to the best of my ability, because, just like Fall, my 11 month old will be gone before I know it.  Those toddler years are just around the corner.


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