I "Fish" You a Happy Birthday

It isn't any secret that my family loves the outdoors.  In fact, I spent the better part of last week waking up early to try and nab my first antelope with my bow.  Unfortunately, I came up empty handed (for now).

However, as much as we love hunting, there is something, in our opinion, a little more spectacular--fishing.  Maybe it's the fact that fishing doesn't revolve around a season.  Maybe it is because it an outdoor sport that helps bring home the proverbial (fish) bacon, while having to barely move at all.  Or just maybe it is the quiet collection of happy memories we have made while simply dropping a line in.  Whatever it may be, we love to fish.  And for my husband it is his one true passion.

That being said, it only made sense when baking him his birthday cake for this weekend it would have to be fish themed.

I apologize for not taking pictures during the process.  Baby E was down for a nap and I had very limited time.  Naturally, it slipped my mind.  But please enjoy the finished process.  And if you would like to make one of your own, it is quite simple.

Avocado butter creme on top, Forest Green below

  • 1 box of whatever flavor cake mix you like (Dan picked butter pecan)
  • 24 cupcake foils of your choice of color
  • 4 cups of butter creme frosting
  • Food coloring (I chose Wilton Gel Food Coloring in both Avocado and Forest Green)
  • Handful of chocolate chips for the mouth and gills
  • Candy eye ball

  1. Each box of cake mix makes a perfect 2 dozen cupcakes, which is exactly what you will need to make this fish.
  2. Place in the order seen below--be sure to stagger the center rows of cupcakes that make up the body.
  3. Feel free to add colored frosting in any way you desire.  I created mine to look more like a Walleye since that is Dan's favorite fish.  But any color scheme will work.  
  4. I also chose my Wilton 105 tip for all the cupcakes except for the eyes.  Those were done using a Wilton 18 to achieve tighter circles.


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