Baby E's Lumberjack Bash!

I am coming off of an emotional roller coaster ride, so forgive me if I get a little sappy, but my little baby E is no longer a baby.  That's right, I have stepped into toddler territory and am embarking on a brand new adventure.

But that's not what this post is about.  Today I am going to tell you about our Lumberjack Bash First Birthday party we threw this weekend.  I have to brag, just a little, because it was absolutely wonderful.  From the perfect (non-windy) 70-degree weather to the plethora of lovely friends and family coming out to join in the celebration, it was nothing short of a smashing success.

Baby E's Lumberjack Bash!

The Cake

Cake Smashing Done Right

Because I have a side hobby of cake baking and decorating, there was no way I could buy a store bought cake for my little one's party.  Did it mean it added an extra day to my party prep?  Sure.  Was it worth it?  Absolutely!

For E's smash cake I knew it had to fit the Lumberjack theme and I had seen a similar style cake on Pinterest.  This bear was so fun to make and relatively simple.  I made it out of chocolate cake with added chocolate pudding for moisture.  The bear's face was made from a 6 inch cake pan and the nose was made from a 3 inch spring loaded pan.  I used two cupcake tins to create the ears.

Sidenote: I found a wonderful resource for keeping cakes moist longer.  1 cup sugar, 2 cups boiling water, cool and spray on cake before frosting--how easy is that?!

For everyone else I decided to do cupcakes, but not just any cupcakes--Pancake cupcakes!
I started out with basic pancake mix and decided to amp it up a notch by adding pureed pumpkin and chocolate chips.  The pumpkin not only helped to keep the cupcakes moist, but it's October, so I felt it was necessary.  The chocolate chips were just an added delicious bonus.

I whipped up a basic buttercream in my Kitchenaid mixer then added in maple syrup.  
I candied four strips of bacon then chopped into chunks for the final topping.  

The result was amazing.

The Menu

Lumberjack Chili Bar 
Maple Cornbread
BBQ Meatballs
Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies
Spicy Turkey Little Smokies
Meat/Cheese/Veggie Tray
Sriracha Bacon Kabobs
S'more Kabobs
Teddy Grahams
Woodsy Sugar Cookies
Hot Cider/Tea/Water

Party Favors: Honey and Maple Syrup Mason Jars

 The Decorations

What fun is a party without a Photo Booth?  Using some red and black streams and contact paper I was pretty excited with how E's Photo Booth turned out.  Oh yeah, and the selfie stick helped as well.

I made E's high chair wrap out of burlap and checkered fabric.  It was no sew, just some simple knot tying.  

Each food item had a specially made label.  I am in love with the Buffalo Plaid, so I used a moose inlaid with the design for all of the labels.  Printing was very affordable since I went through the Walmart photo center and printed on photo paper.

Finally, I had to place a sign on the door for the bathroom for all of our guests.  Though I never received any money, the fun was really all in the sign ;-)


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