A Prayer for Election Day

Good afternoon everyone!

I have never been one to discuss politics with fervent belief and absolute abandon.  In fact, even when surrounded by the closest of family and friends, if the discussion turns in any way political I immediately look for an opening to change the subject.  A simple matter of political disagreement is not something worth losing friendships or breaking apart families for.  With that said, I have certainly gone back and forth over even writing this post.

What I have to say is not meant to divide, offend or even cause animosity toward any group of people, but rather, I sincerely hope it provides you with just that--HOPE.

This morning, while waiting in line at the polls with my little boy in tow, it hit me that this election matters more to me than any in my lifetime.  Whoever is chosen as our next POTUS has the potential to severely rock not just my world, but the one I brought my son into.  And yet, we are facing two of the most polarizing candidates imaginable.  Let's just let the gravity of that sink in for a moment.
Baby E after his first trip to the polls

I love my son more than life itself and, like most parents, I think about his future 100 times more than I think of my own.  Where will he go to school?  What young woman will he decide to marry?  Will he be a respectable man after God's own heart? These questions haunt me while at the same time reminding me just how blessed I truly am, because I can ask these questions.  My son has the freedom to grow into whoever he wants to be; a fact that both encourages me and scares the life out of me simultaneously.

A few weeks ago I was lying awake in bed at 1 a.m., my racing mind leaving me unable to fall back to sleep.  This is nothing new, but usually my mind is more focused on the next day's tasks than the current election.  Typically, I use this time to talk with God, hoping that our conversation will ease my mind enough to allow me to slip back to sleep.  But this particular morning I broke down; praying to find an answer as to whom I should vote.

Unlike many of my friends and family, I have not had the luxury of feeling compelled toward a particular candidate.  I had very strong opinions on who I would not vote for, but was feeling very lost for a strong belief in who I should give that honor.  Though very conservative by nature, I had actually already committed to simply not voting, because I could not justify voting for the party even though my heart did not agree with the candidate.

I spent the night in saddened solitude and my answer for who I should vote for never came, at least not directly.  But the Holy Spirit has a way of convicting us to make a decision that is not always based on fact or popularity, but rather trust in Him.  And in those early hours, like many other times in my life, I heard it, "Thy will be done."

As a Christian, I believe everything that happens, whether bad or good, works toward the purpose of fulfilling God's will.  Whomever our next president turns out to be, I stand firm in the belief that they will play a key role in the greatest plan.

So, in less than 24 hours, one portion of our country will be shouting for joy, while the others are shaking their fists in anger.  I truly hope we do not let it cause an even bigger rift than what we are already experiencing.  At the very least, we can all agree one very important fact--the election is finally OVER!

So please, love one another.  Respect each other's values.  And, ultimately, have a little faith.  It will take you a long way.

And yes, I did vote for POTUS--so please spare me the lecture.  And all I can say is that Write-In Box has the best font. ;-)


  1. Very well Said.... Love you and proud you are my Daughter

  2. So well said Kayla. I let go and let God a long time ago in this presidential race. It is all in Gods hands and who ever fills that position is part of the plan of our Creator. And yes Thy Will Be Done. And I must say I have not got caught up in all the mess because of this knowledge. Just comforted to know the only thing we need to have is the promise of a new life. And that we have in our trust and faith in Christ.


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