Perfect for Teething Frozen Yogurt Melts

Okay new mamas, listen up, because I am about to impress upon you some very important information that I feel was either not given to me a year ago, or I simply did not pay attention to.  Toddler teething--SUCKS!  (I know, I know--No duh!)

My son was 7 months old when his first tooth erupted and the only real side effect I noticed was excessive drooling.  No big deal, right?  In fact, I thought maybe I was just a fortunate mama whose child was super awesome and tough, because all anyone ever told me was how horrible teething was.

Little did I know, they were not talking about those cute little front teeth that make your heart want to leap from its chest with every precious baby grin.  No ma'am, they were talking about those pesky back teeth.  The ones that, I swear, are the sole reason toddlers have received the disreputable "terrible" nickname.  Yep, molars are the pits and I am anxiously awaiting the day that they have all come in and my little boy can get back to his normal happy self.

Just this morning, while fighting my son to let me inspect the inside of his mouth, I was pleasantly surprised to see his top back molars are fully in and looking great.  But I knew that the bottom of his mouth was a totally different story.  I could see two swollen, black and blue eruption cysts that make my jaw ache just thinking about them.

Due to this terrible teething, E has his hands constantly in his mouth, which makes it very hard for me to get any food in him.  That, combined with the pain of teething, has left him without much of an appetite.  Therefore, in an effort to kill two birds with one stone, I decided to whip up one of his favorite snacks, frozen yogurt melts.

Not only are these incredibly yummy (I, myself, may have eaten one or two...dozen), but they are super helpful in giving E something cold to chew on while also getting some much needed protein and calories into his system.

They are incredibly simple to make and cleanup is a breeze.  Feel free to make them for your toddler anytime, regardless of teething, because they will certainly gobble them up.

Note: these yogurt melts are not like the freeze dried ones from Gerber.  After just a few minutes out of the freezer they will start to soften up and melt.  Though they never last long anyway, I definitely do not recommend throwing them in the diaper bag for a traveling snack.


  • Vanilla nonfat Greek yogurt
  • Sprinkles for decorating (plus they add a nice rough texture for little gums to naw on)
  • Parchment paper for easy cleanup
  • Plastic Ziplock sandwich bag

1. Cut a small piece of one corner of the sandwich bag.  This will allow you to use the bag as a decorator bag, without having to spend the extra money on one.

2. Fill the bag with Greek yogurt and seal shut.

3. Squeeze yogurt in dots onto baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

4.  Add as many sprinkles as your heart desires.

5. Freeze for at least 30 minutes or until the yogurt is solid.



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