Mother's Day Gift Guide: $20 and Under

Happy Monday everyone!

Mother's Day is just around the corner and I have been thinking about it a lot recently.  Not only because I am a mom, but I still have my own mother to think about.  Luckily, E and I were able to give her her gift in person while visiting this weekend. 

While this post is not just for the fellas, I feel it will definitely be of assistance to you guys.  Especially if you are the type to wait until the last possible minute to get a gift for that special mother in your life.  Maybe you don't know what she would enjoy.  Or perhaps you just like the trill of waiting until 11:59 p.m. Saturday evening.  Either way, I am here to help get your creative gift giving juices flowing.

Many of these ideas are tried and true.  They are either gifts I have been given or given to others and have always a hit, or gifts I would love to receive myself. 

I also believe in keeping gifts heartfelt and affordable.  Which is why I am making this guide with items that come in at no more than $20.  That's right-- $20!

Now, let me say, there is a clear difference between being frugal and being cheap.  Mother's Day gifts do not have to be expensive, heck, they don't have to cost anything.  But they do have to be thoughtful.  So, guys, please don't make your lady a coupon book for free chores and foot rubs if you don't plan on following through.  And never underestimate the power of simply letting her lay around and do absolutely nothing ALL...DAY...LONG. 

I hope this guide gives you an idea of what your mother/wife/significant other may enjoy this Mother's Day.  Please also don't forget to write her a special message in a card--us moms LOVE that sappy kind of thing.

  • Love & Hearts Bath Bombs: $12.95 

A friend of mine introduced me to bath bombs a few years ago and I have ever since had a special affinity for them.  Give me a glass of wine and a hot, steamy bath and I am one happy mama.  But add in these babies and I may never get out.

These particular bath bombs are made with a mixture of shea butter, coconut and palm oil, making them very friendly on the skin while also providing a wonderful aroma that lasts the entire bath.  It is also another prime item.

You can find it:

Love & Hearts Mother's Day Gift Set 6 Bath Bombs from Enhance Me, Handmade with Organic Palm Oil, Rich Shea Butter and Coconut Oil

  • Mama Bear Mug: $15

I will readily admit that if I get one more coffee mug, my husband may go ballistic.  But I can't help it.  I love mugs and they are wonderful gifts, especially for all those hardworking mamas who enjoy a good cup of coffee.

I am head over heals for the Mama Bear brand.  I have seen this logo on t-shirts, sweatshirts, bumper stickers, and now this lovely clear glass mug.

Bonus!  This mug is available on prime, so if you order now, you will certainly have it by Mother's Day.  You can find it at:

Mama Bear - Glass Coffee Mug ...

  • Mama Bear Tee: $18.99

As I said, I really do love the Mama Bear gear.  This cute tee could be worn during the day, but I would suggest pairing it with a nice pair of plaid pajama pants, making a cute and comfy sleep set for mom to lounge around in all day.

Note: This item is not a Prime deal, so order ASAP!

Find it at:

Women's Mama Bear TShirt, Mama Bear Plaid Shirt, Matching Family Medium Asphalt

  • Happy Mother's Day Spoon: $18 

I have seen these cute personalized spoons all over Pinterest and Etsy for a few years now.  Because I love my coffee so much, it would be great to have a special stirring spoon (perhaps to go with the Mama Bear mug, wink, wink).

These particular spoons can be found here,  but feel free to browse throughout Etsy as there are so many shops with items like this.

  • What I Love About Mom Love Journal: $13.99
Here is a fantastic gift to give mom from the kiddos.  Each page has fill-in-the-blank lines for the kids to write down exactly what they love about there moms. 

Though my kiddo is a little too young to do this for me, I do look forward to receiving something like this in the future.  I have also received a similar gift in the form of a cookbook from my mother that I truly cherish, so I know this will be a gift mom will never let go of.

And, yes, this too is on Prime!

You can find it:

Knock Knock What I Love About Mom Fill In The Love Journal

Disclaimer: None of the gifts featured in this guide are sponsored and companies did not pay to have a certain product included. The gifts featured are only items I believe would make wonderful gifts. Some affiliate links are included and I truly appreciate your support.


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