Father's Day Gift Guide: $20 and Under

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Just as I did for Mother's Day, I figured it would only be fair if I put together a Father's Day Gift Guide with gifts $20 and under.  I realize this is a tad last minute but thankfully, with the modern miracle of online shopping, you can technically still order these gifts today and they can make it here by Father's Day.

We write about what we know, so when I did my Mother's Day Gift Guide it was based on what I personally would consider a great gift for Mother's Day.  For this guide, I decided to go with gifts that my husband would love.

If you are looking for anything NFL, NHL, NBA, or MLB--sorry, you won't find anything of value here.  However, if your dad, husband, brother, etc. is an avid outdoorsman, like mine, this is the place for you.  Hey, this is the Rustic Hideaway afterall!

Oh, and most importantly, this is a tie-free Father's Day!  Get dad something he really wants.  (Unless, what he really wants is a tie....then go for it!)

  • Personalized Fishing Lure: $18.99

I love personalized gifts because you know that they are completely original.  This is a great gift for Father's Day, but also works well for weddings, anniversaries, even stocking stuffers.  It is perfect for the dad's who are sentimental, but don't want a huge space wasting gift.

I know my husband would either have this baby hanging in his rear view mirror or on his tackle box.

This is not a Prime item, but expedited shipping is available, meaning you can have it by this weekend!

Find it here:

Monogrammed Personalized Hook Fishing Lure- Pictured Message with your Name and Special Date

  •  Monogrammed Pocket Knife: $15.43

Falling in line with the personalized fishing lures, these pocket knives are no only incredible rugged and durable, but they offer two lines at 20 words each to be customized to your liking.  Additionally, there are 8 different fonts to choose from.

They have a 4.5 inch handle with a 3.5 inch blade and expedited shipping is an option.

Find it here:

Personalized Pocket Folding Knife with Metal Blade - Groomsmen Wedding Party Father's Day Gifts - Custom Monogrammed Engraved for Free

  • Life Straw Personal Water Filter: $14.99

Alright, this one is not just for the fellas.  Honestly, had I thought of this when doing my Mother's Day Guide, I would have added it there too.  Seriously, I want one of these!

The Life Straw is a portable water filtration system to bring with you whenever you are out in nature.  It is an EPA certified water filtration system and eliminates 99.99% of bacteria in the water.

It is lightweight and easy to use.  Seriously, just walk right up to a stream if you have to and drink straight from the source.  Though we always back bottled water or Nalgene's with us when we are hunting or hiking, this alone would provide such peace of mind just in case an emergency were to happen.

This is Prime eligible, so order today!

Find it here:

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

  • Waterproof Floating Cell Phone Case: $13.99

I am not jaded by the fact that nearly everyone, yes even your 80 year old grandfather, likes to have their phone on them at all times.  I get it.  Our phones aren't just cellular devices anymore.  They are our connection to the world.  Our saftey net.  Our camera for crying out loud!  And no way is your guy going fishing without his camera.  How else can he prove he caught that 20 pound bass?

Hint, hint: if you hold the fish away from your body....it looks bigger!

This handy little gadget is not only a waterproof means of storing your phone, but it also has a built in flotation device.  That way, when your guy leans over the edge of the boat to pull in that fish (or when he stumbles out by accident), his phone will automatically float to the surface of the water.

Find it here:

Waterproof Case, 3 Pack Cambond Universal Floating Waterproof Phone Case, Transparent TPU iPhone Waterproof Pouch Cell Phone Dry Bag with Durable Lanyard for device up to 6 inch, Black Blue White

  •  Cast Iron Skillet: $12.69

I have raved before about my love of cast iron.  But I readily admit I would never have discovered how fantastic it could be had it not been for my husband who always swore by how much flavor cooking in cast iron gives to food, especially steaks.

Cast iron is the perfect addition to any camping trip.  It also is the only way to cook a fresh elk steak.  In fact, I am beginning to realize the only thing we use our grill for anymore is hot dogs.

Find it here:

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, 10.25-inch

There you have it!  Five items under $20 that that special outdoorsy dad will absolutely love!  Also, don't forget the power of a nice steak dinner.  All of these gifts pair well with a medium-rare ribeye and an amber ale--but that's just one gal's opinion.

Happy Father's Day!!

Disclaimer: None of the gifts featured in this guide are sponsored and companies did not pay to have a certain product included. The gifts featured are only items I believe would make wonderful gifts. Some affiliate links are included and I truly appreciate your support.


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