To My Son on Father's Day

Image of father and son sitting on bench looking at trees and sun

Happy Father's Day!

Today is an incredibly special day for our little family.  I wanted to take a moment to write down why I feel that way.

Now, I know I am not your father--and, fortunately, I am not one of those mothers that has to be both-- but I still feel I can shed some valuable insight onto the importance of today.

Last month, I told you why Mother's Day was just as much a celebration of you as it was me, because you made me a mother.  And, yes, the same goes for Father's Day, but I want to delve a little deeper and explain to you just how lucky you are to have the dada that you do.

Today you are almost two years old and the most spirited, sweet and rambunctious little boy I know, but when you were first born you didn't want to ever leave my side.  And the few times I left you with your father meant I came home to a screaming baby who apparently hadn't stopped screaming since I stepped out of the room.  I was your whole world and you were mine. 

However, you have recently made a transition to seeing dada as the "new" most amazing person in the world.  Maybe it is because I am home with you all day, but I have a sneaking suspicion it is something more.  Something that makes my heart swell with so much joy that I don't even mind coming in second.

You look up to your dada.

If the severe problems we see in many areas of our society with violence, anger, drugs, etc. have taught us anything, it is that young boys not only want, but need a father figure at home.  Moms are great at showing boys how to love.  But dads are great at showing them how to act.  Because, if anything is clear, you want to be just like your father.

I see it when we come home from church and you both go straight for the garage to start working on a project.  You think dada's hammer is the coolest "toy" around.  And if he is outside working on the boat, you are outside "working" on the boat.

I love when he comes home from work and you drop whatever you are doing and run screaming "DADAAAAAAAAA" into his arms.  I know no matter how tough his day might have been, you just turned it completely around just by being you.

Dada is the best smoothie sharer, story teller and has the most comfortable lap to sit on.  He is a master fisherman (though mom still thinks she is the best) and I know he is counting down the days until he can sneak you out of school for an all day guy's fishing trip--to which I have said no, but I am certain will still happen. :)

Your dad is going to show you how to bait a hook, fillet a fish, shoot a gun--even drink a beer (but only once you are 21, of course!)  But he will also show you the more important things in life when it comes to being a man.  The more subtle things.

Like how to treat your wife when she has had a bad day.  How to take a bad situation and not let it turn you into a bad person.  How to rise above what puts you down, because as much as I don't like it, life will not always be easy for you.  And best of all, he will show you how to be a Godly man with a heart for Christ.

Yes, it's true, sometimes with somethings dads are the best.  And--LUCKY YOU--you have one of the best there is.

I love you!  Happy Father's Day to both my men.


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