3 Must-Read Books For Women: A Guest Post from Book Ink Reviews


Happy hump-day everyone!  I cannot believe it is already Wednesday.  Has it seemed like the week has just flown by?

That is more than alright with me because Friday I am heading out on my first vacation in over a year! Though, I am not sure if vacation really is the right word for what we are doing.  There are no warm sandy beaches and frosty mojitos where I am going.  Yep, we are embarking on a 14 hour journey to Minnesota....with a 21-month-old in tow.  Gulp!  But more on that in another post.

Because I am getting down to the wire on getting everything in my household vacation ready, I have also been slamming through as many of my library rental books as possible before I leave the state and am left with some hefty overdue fees.  Thankfully, I am just about finished with my last book and will be looking for some new reads when I come back.  Of course, I would love to share those new reads with all of you!

With that in mind, I reached out to my friend Katie over at Book Ink Reviews and asked her to do a guest post on my blog.  If you think I read a lot, you really should see meet this gal.  She reviews both regular and ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) books on her blog and is absolutely fantastic at recommending good reads.  

Honestly, I need her, or else I would spend all my days reading nothing but Young Adult fiction and children's books.  No shame!  But sometimes you just need a good adult read to make you feel like a fully functioning and educated grown-ups.

I hope you enjoy her recommendations!  I already have one of them waiting for me on my coffee table this very moment.  And if you do, please give her a follow!  You can find her website in the link above and she is also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Show her some love, y'all! 

3 Must-Read Books for Women
Guest Post for The Rustic Hideaway

Kayla was gracious enough to extend an invitation to me for a guest post and I just couldn't turn it down. Thank you for asking me to give my opinions--it is an honor.

I am also a Stay at Home Mom and I absolutely adore being able to go on walks, get together for play dates between L and E, foster my friendship with moms in my area, and cultivate my marriage. It’s all in a day’s work! But I also thoroughly enjoy carving out "me time"—normally in the dead of night when everyone else is asleep.  For me, that time is spent reading everything I can get my hands on--including a large amount of free and advance reader’s copies from publishers in exchange for honest reviews on my blog, Book Ink Reviews. With that background, I have compiled a list of 3 different books that spoke to me at different points in my life with age suggestions on when in life these would have to be a must-read.   

Note: All three of the books below were purchased by me and not provided by any publisher.

For when you are feeling: Lost or unworthy
Francine River's Redeeming Love

I first read this book as a young high school student. At the time, I was in a limbo of a time where a boyfriend of two years and I had taken a break between the years we were together. He wasn't the best thing for me, mentally or emotionally, and the break really should have been final. But I was only 17 and it wasn't. 

This book got me through the heartbreak that is being a teenager in a faulty, fickle, (faux)love-soaked world.  It is a retelling of the Biblical Hosea and his wife set during 1850 in California. 

Like the wife in this book, I ran back to the dark because I wasn't "worthy" of being free. But like Michael Hosea, God was patient with me and brought me my own Hosea by 19. Whether you know of a teenage girl that needs a reminder of how worthy she is of truly being loved, hand her this book. But which one of us adult women haven't also felt unworthy of patience and love that has been shown to us?

For when you are feeling: Called to respond to His radical love with radical praise
Ages: 16+
Francis Chan's Crazy Love

This. Book. Y'all. Really though. This was a devotional I picked up on a whim at the local Barnes and Noble. I was wanting to find a simple devotional I could do on my own that would encourage me to pray, to draw nearer to Christ, and to live a life on fire for Him. And boy does it deliver. 

Don't get me wrong, this one is not easy. It challenges you to redefine what it means to be a Christian after God's heart. Going to church every Sunday, worshiping in the car on the way to work, and praying before bed doesn't seem like enough to give God after making it through this devotional. He loves us with such a radical love that He deserves all the radical praise we can throw at him. But we are all human, life gets stupid busy, and I sometimes still fall asleep as I'm praying. I like to think that's okay because it's like falling asleep while quietly chatting with my husband--there is intimacy and trust in being able to nod off. But I keep coming back to this book to remind me that God deserves more than me going through the motions.
For when you are needing: A reminder that good can live through evil
Ages: 25+
Martha Hall Kelly's Lilac Girls

I just recently finished this book and actually wrote a review on it here. It is the story of the Ravensbrück Rabbits and the fight to get them retribution and medical aid after surviving the concentration camp. But more than anything, it touched my heart that such beauty can come out of such suffering. 

It is a reminder that no matter how dark it seems now, you can work towards making some light come out of it. It also made me reflect for days on how WWII Poland and modern-day Syria have so much in common. It shattered my heart and made me pray all the harder that peace would come to that region. It's a reminder that there will always be great evil in the world, but there will also always be good people to fight back--and it lightly encourages you to be a fighter. 


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