Candied Sriracha Bacon

A couple of years ago Americans seem to get on the Sriracha fad in a big way.  I remember seeing all sorts of people sporting those red and white Sriracha t-shirts with the now iconic rooster in the center.  I also recall the company had made a killing off of offering portable, carabiner clad mini Sriracha bottles, you know, for on the go.

And try as I may, I could never get on the Sriracha train.  I am a lover of all hot and spicy foods, and for some reason, Sriracha was entirely too sweet for my taste.  But my husband loves it, so it was always in our house.  I am a firm believer that you can bring yourself to like, or at the very least tolerate, any food by simply trying it enough, so every now and then I would bring myself to try it again.  I still hated it.  Until I didn't.

Sometimes you find that with foods you don't like it is not the actual food but the brand.  It wasn't until I discovered the best Sriracha sauce on the face of the planet that I could finally understand what all the hullabaloo was about.  Sky Valley Sriracha Sauce.

We discovered this little gem while shopping at Whole Foods.  They do not have it at any store in my city, so we either have the make the 40-minute drive to the nearest Whole Foods or order it online (linked above).  It is so worth it either way.

Now, not only have I fully jumped on the Sriracha bandwagon, I am conducting the whole crazy train.  Yes, I still find it to be more sweet than spicy, but I have learned to appreciate it for that quality, especially when using it in my all time favorite Sriracha recipe: Candied Sriracha Bacon.

I started making this recipe for my son's first birthday.  We had a lumberjack bash and, with the exception of plaid and flapjacks, not many things go better with lumberjacks than a nice piece of hearty bacon.

Now I make them for the very occasional treat for my husband and get-togethers with friends.  If I am feeling particularly health conscious I substitute real bacon for turkey bacon.  I don't mind the taste at all, but apparently, the two don't even compare.

This recipe is quite simple on the ingredient end but does take a good amount of time and effort to tend to.  Also, be sure to have the vent on and the windows open as it tends to smoke pretty heavily at the end as the grease on the pan begins to add up.

I hope you enjoy!


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