Dark Chocolate M&M Puppy Chow

Image of Dark Chocolate M&M Puppy Chow in white bowl

Happy Monday everyone!  And I am sure it really is a happy Monday for those of you lucky folks who are enjoying a nice 4 day weekend right now.

Tomorrow is Independence Day and that means our schedules are bound to be jam packed with family picnics, BBQ's and fireworks.  I certainly am excited for all of the above.  In fact, we may have broken into our fireworks and bratwurst stash a few days early--but who cares, right?

Just remember, lets not forget to take a moment to appreciate the true value of the day as well. 

Our church service yesterday was certainly patriotic.  Old Glory was showcased in a beam of beautiful stage light during the entire service and we even ended the sermon by singing a couple of verses of the Star Spangled Banner together.  It was absolutely beautiful and just what I needed to set my spirit right.

However, it was what happened during the sermon that really hit home for me this weekend.  In fact, I learned something new and I wanted to share it with you.

Perhaps you already know, but I certainly was not privy to this story, and it is certainly one I never want to forget.  It is the True Story Behind the Star Spangled Banner, and it is absolutely fantastic.

I hope you took a few minutes to watch the video above.  Listening to it again has stirred in me the same feelings that it did yesterday in church.  I know we live in an increasingly divided country and sometimes it is so hard to see the good that is out there.  But it is there and it is beautiful and it is so worth fighting for.  Be proud of your country.  A lot of good people died just for you to have the chance.

On a lighter note, I wanted to share with you a recipe for my Dark Chocolate M&M Puppy Chow--the perfect sweet snack to bring to a 4th of July BBQ.  Or to eat whenever you darn well please, just know that this recipe makes a ton and is meant to be enjoyed with others.  Enjoy!

Note: Turn these from Puppy Chow into Muddy Buddies by simply eliminating the peanut butter!


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