Things I'm Loving FriYay #4

Good morning, friends!  Happy September!

This week has felt like it has dragged on and on .  Each day I wake up thinking it is a day later.  However, now that Friday has finally arrived I feel like the week just zipped by.  Funny.

This past week we have been staying with my parents while my husband was in school.  He is in his final year of his electrical apprenticeship and we are pretty fortunate that his schooling takes place in our home town.  That way E and I are able to travel with him and see our family at the same time.

This week was also Dan's grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary surprise party and a friend of ours' son's first birthday party.  In between all the events we filled out time with museums (Science Zone and the Trails Center), river walks, and, my son's favorite, chalk time.  So, needless to say, we had a very busy week.  Which means I also cannot wait to get home today.

Little boy, cow blanket, river, tree, blue sky
Sunday morning river walk

Little boy, sidewalk, chalk
Hot sidewalk--but must chalk!
In true Friday fashion, here is my weekly Things I'm Loving FriYay blog post.  Enjoy!

  • Spindrift Sparkling Water
Spindrift drink, Nissa steering wheel, raspberry lime sparkling water

Alright, I discovered this amazing beverage while I was headed up here last week for the solar eclipse.  There is this fantastic little gas stop called Grassland Station in Douglas (cleanest bathrooms on I-25, no joke) and they always carry the best variety of drinks, snack, and Wyoming goodies.

Now, I am a diehard fan of La Croix waters as well, but this is definitely in the running for number one at the moment.  Unfortunately, I have not seen them in any other stores in Wyoming, though now I plan on keeping my eyes peeled.  However, you can purchase them on Amazon.  Check them out here.

My son decided to steal my drink.  Is nothing sacred?
  • Nature Valley Almond Butter Granola Cups & GT's Kombucha
GT's Synergy organic kombicha, nature valley almond butter granola cups

I only put these two in the same category because I enjoyed them together.  But in all honestly, guys, they really do make a great pair!  Though I have been a longtime fan of GT's Kombucha, I only this week discovered the Almond Butter Granola Cups while I was searching the local gas station's options for semi-healthy snacks.

I enjoy Kombucha, particularly when my stomach isn't feeling so great or I have had a day or two of not-so-clean eating.  It is a natural probiotic that is very beneficial for gut health.  Though they are sold at most grocery stores, I have found Natural Grocers to be the best price in town. The granola cups are at all major grocery chains in the cereal aisle.

  • Freeman Peel-Off Clay Mask
Freeman feeling beautiul face mask

If you are ever in need of a spa day, but don't have the money to necessarily go to one regularly (hello motherhood) be sure to pick up a couple of these babies.  Simply spread over your face, allow 15-20 minutes to dry, and then yank that sucker off!  Yes, it hurts.  I mean you are basically giving your face a waxing, but man do you feel fantastic afterwords.  So man up, woman...or man, and try it, because it is amazing.

  • Wind River

E had a night in with Nana while the hubby and I enjoyed a much needed night out.  We have been wanting to see Wind River since we had first heard about it and it is finally here in Wyoming.  Because we both were born and raised in this great state, anytime there is a film about Wyoming we have to watch it.  Though some try to paint us a little on the hick side (I'm looking at you Did You Hear About the Morgans?).

I do not like spoilers, so if you are at all curious about what this movie is about please check out the trailer below.  All in all, this truly was a fantastic film and very reminiscent of the television show Longmire (another of our favorites).  Though, I must say I do wish there would have been a more present trigger warning presented at the beginning of the movie.  There is a rather intense rape scene that you should be aware of before sitting down to watch it.

Disclaimer: None of the items or places featured in this post are sponsored and companies did not pay to have a certain product included. They are featured only because I absolutely LOVE them. Some affiliate links are included and I truly appreciate your support.


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