Healthy Turkey and Black Bean Enchiladas

Hello everyone!

Excuse me if my writing seems a bit lagging this evening, but I am currently dealing with the consequences of over-indulgence with tonight's dinner.  I couldn't help but go back for seconds and maybe even sneak in a few extra bites as I was putting away the left overs.

Now I am staring down the barrel of what will no doubt be a painful, but oh so necessary, evening workout.  But first I wanted to get this up on the blog to share with everyone.

If you are anything like me, you could probably make 90% of your meals some form of Mexican cuisine.  And though I like them spicy, spicy, spicy, having a toddler has forced me to tone down the heat on my dinners.  At least until he is old enough to handle them.  :)

Enchiladas are a wonderful go-to meals for me.  Though the prep work can take a little time, I find them a great option to make ahead, freeze, and then cook later if needed.  But tonight's I made fresh.

These babies are packed with ground turkey, low sodium black beans, part-skim mozzarella cheese all wrapped up in a delicious low carb tortilla.  So go ahead and eat deserve it!


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