Get to Know Me

I'm Kayla! I'm a wife, mother, and down home country gal who is completely at peace and unapologetically happy living in what many refer to as "the middle of nowhere." AKA, Wyoming, or as I like to call it....home.

In 2016 I left my marketing job in the corporate realm to become a stay-at-home mom to a curly blonde-haired, blue-eyed little boy who has somehow managed to steal my heart despite many failed attempts at tempting me to sell him to the zoo. He's four now and there is more personality in his pinky toe than I have in my entire body and I simply have to thank God for that or else my days would be incredibly boring!

In September of 2019, he became a big brother to another little man in my life—officially cementing my title as Boy Mom.

The last stud in my life is, of course, my electrician husband. He's tall, dark, and incredibly handsome, but if you ask him he always tells people that he's the one who married up—so I keep him around. Plus, we make really cute kids.

I love the marketing world, but I love writing and my children more. So I left the corporate realm and traded it in for wiping snotty noses, stinky bottoms, and sticky hands. Oh, and writing long words in short time frames while my two hooligans nap. 

I am an Inbound Marketing Writer for Positive Parenting Solutions, a contributing writer for Her View From Home, and I've been published in a few anthologies including Chicken Soup for the Soul. If you're curious to know more about my writing side, please visit me at my writer's page, K.C. Runkel Writes.

I love God, my family, my health, and my food. If you can jibe with that please subscribe to the blog and follow me on social media. I'd love to have you along for this journey I call life.


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