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It's Just a Crockpot

“It’s just a crockpot,” my husband said as I stood glassy-eyed at the kitchen sink.

Staring down at the dented appliance, I knew this was it. After three house moves, countless Super Bowl parties, and one too many floorboard tumbles on my way to a church potluck, my tiny little crockpot had officially cooked its last meal.

There was no reviving it this time.

While my husband’s words sounded cold, I knew his heart was coming from a kind place.

After all, I do this a lot. You know, form sentimental attachments to seemingly unimportant objects…

And this normally wouldn’t be a big deal. Except, it had to be THIS crockpot.

The first one I ever owned.

The one a fresh-faced college sophomore used to “cook” for herself for the very first time.

The first appliance in my first apartment my first time away from home.

A gift given to a granddaughter from the grandmother she spent countless hours in the kitchen with.

Because every woman needs to know how to cook…and how to let a crockpot do the cooking for you.

She knew that many of my life’s greatest moments would be lived around a portable bowl filled with warm food.

Through college get-togethers, bridal parties, baby showers and more, that little crockpot accompanied me through more than a decade-full of wonderful memories.

And after my grandmother passed away, each warm dish tasted a little more rich. Like a cozy hug from heaven, I’d spend an extra moment reliving cherished memories each time I lifted that steaming lid.

So, yes, maybe I did get a little too emotional over an outdated kitchen appliance. But the sentiment felt justified.

And, in the end, I was the one to lay it in its final resting place—the good ol’ trash can.

Because it is just a crockpot…

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