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Mother's Day is for Every Mom

Mother’s Day isn’t just for the moms whose children live in the same household.

My kids sleep right across the hall. But some moms have children living across the street, across the ocean, and across the realm that divides heaven and earth.

Mother’s Day isn’t just for moms who can cuddle their children as they eat breakfast in bed.

Some moms only get a phone call, a FaceTime, or a sweet sentiment written inside an overpriced greeting card. Some moms have never held more than a grainy black-and-white photo of their precious little one.

While my arms will be filled today, I’m thinking of those moms who will notice the empty presence. The place where their child once was, now empty.

For many, Mother’s Day can be such a harsh reminder. A painful holiday they’d rather just move past.

Mother’s Day may look like flowers and hugs, but it can feel like loss and heartache.

But know that the absence of the child does not diminish the value of the mother. Because Mother’s Day is for any woman that has sacrificed a piece of herself for the next generation.

Birth moms, adoptive moms, step-moms, bonus moms. Moms who’ve held their babies for years, hours, seconds, or never even had the chance.

You hold a special place in the world that cannot be replaced. Because you’re in it, God’s light shines a little brighter.

You are so important and deserve to know that.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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