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What If Our Kids Will Be Just Fine?

Can I be honest for a moment?

This picture hurts to look at. Almost like a punch to the gut, it leaves me breathless at the weight of its truth.

Now, to be clear, this isn't about the mask. This is not a political post. It's just that this's heavy.

It brings to light the reality of the world we are living in. The world our kids are stepping into and experiencing for the first time.

This is what pandemic parenting looks like.

It's doctor visits with empty waiting rooms. Where the air smells of disinfectant as nurses with invisible smiles try to comfort young patients.

Where temperature checks determine admittance and hand sanitizer flows freely.

It's living life by the seat of your pants. Planning for one thing while another gets canceled.

It's empty and cold and sterile...

But is it bad?

I've spent so much time worrying about how this world would hurt my children, I guess I never stopped to think about what they had to gain from it.

Then I had a crazy thought:

What if—after all is said and done—our kids turn out fine?

What if, instead of falling victim to the effects of isolation, they instead learn the value of keeping good company?

What if they turn off their devices and ask to play a board game or go on a family walk, because they’ve grown fond of spending time together?

What if they truly consider the blessing of good health and take steps to ensure they continue to lead healthy lives?

What if our kids learn from the world around them and use it to make a better one in the future?

What if our kids will be just fine?

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