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3 Must-Read Books For Women: A Guest Post from Book Ink Reviews

Happy hump-day everyone!  I cannot believe it is already Wednesday.  Has it seemed like the week has just flown by?
That is more than alright with me because Friday I am heading out on my first vacation in over a year! Though, I am not sure if vacation really is the right word for what we are doing.  There are no warm sandy beaches and frosty mojitos where I am going.  Yep, we are embarking on a 14 hour journey to Minnesota....with a 21-month-old in tow.  Gulp!  But more on that in another post.
Because I am getting down to the wire on getting everything in my household vacation ready, I have also been slamming through as many of my library rental books as possible before I leave the state and am left with some hefty overdue fees.  Thankfully, I am just about finished with my last book and will be looking for some new reads when I come back.  Of course, I would love to share those new reads with all of you!
With that in mind, I reached out to my friend Katie over at Book Ink Reviews and …

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