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Spicy Naan: Tomato, Kale & Red Pepper Hummus

Hello friends and happy Monday.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are as excited to gear up for fall as I am.

It was a beautifully crisp weekend here with temperatures in the 60s.  The great thing about Wyoming is, even though we have some wicked winters, it is sunny over 360 days of the year.  That said, even when it is cold it looks beautiful out.

That is exactly how it was this weekend, so I was happily donning my sweatpants and hoodie while helping my husband work on our house.  This summer we put a storage addition on the back and we are now in the final stretch to get the roof finished before the weather gets too dicey.

However, weekends cannot be for work alone and this weekend was a bit special as Sunday was my husband's birthday.  A while back he and I were talking about our birthdays as kids and he mentioned when he was young he always wanted, but never had the opportunity, to have a birthday party at an arcade.  Well, lo and behold, I pop on Groupon and what …

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