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A Reminder for When My Child Starts School

Today was the first day of school in my town and I would have forgotten about it entirely if it weren’t for the four school zones I hit between my house and the gym this morning. Each one packed with long lines of parents dropping off excited little faces, sporting their favorite back-to-school outfits.

Pulling up Facebook, I watched as my feed was filled with pictures of cute kids standing in front of homemade signs, smiling for cameras surely held by parents bursting with pride while holding back fountains of tears.

I’m not one of those parents yet, but I will be soon; a fact I am reminded of each and every time those flashing yellow lights remind me to slow down. Yes, slow down . . .

So this is my reminder—my "Note to Self" if you will—for when it is my turn to be the mom in the drop-off line, or holding back tears behind the camera.

Remember, it’s okay to be sad/mad/happy/ecstatic on your child’s first day of school, just as it is on their last. The only real difference …

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