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Embracing the Mama Bear Within

You see this cup right here? This is my favorite coffee cup.

It's big, holding well over 3 actual cups of coffee. It keeps my drink hot, long after others would have failed me because, ya know, #momlife. And printed across its front is my personal motto:

"Don't Mess With Mama Bear."

I love it because that's what I am, a Mama Bear. And that little guy with his head in my (empty) cup? That's my cub. My little boy.

I know as moms we joke about our kids not messing with us before we've had our morning coffee. We dare to threaten to unleash our inner beasts should anything get in the way of that first drop of morning bliss. I get it. I'm right there with you.

But let's not forget what it really means to be a Mama Bear.

A Mama Bear will stand between her child and an entire army, fighting with every breath, every ounce of energy she has within her to make sure they are safe.

She is cloaked in fierceness and strength. Affection and devotion. Her beauty not masked but amplified.

She trusts her God-given intuition. That little voice that draws her away from some people and toward others.

She practices loving guidance, teaching her children how to be self-sufficient, and preparing them for the day she is no longer with them.

Though she has many fears, she is fearless, nonetheless. Able to stare down the barrel of her worst nightmare and still emerge victoriously.

To all of the Mama Bears out there reading this, I hope you know what a force you truly are, simply by being who you are and doing what you do.

Even on your seemingly weakest days, to your children, you stand upon the highest pedestal. And that is a pretty great place to be.

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